Resurrection of the Hidden

Chapter 1 - Session 9

The party wakes after sleeping away their troubles from the previous evening to find the city on high alert and soldiers running around searching every building in the city for them. Wanting to find out more about the situation Skelgozins disguised himself and went downstairs; however while descending the staircase he spotted a pair of guards in the entrance talking to the owner of the inn. Seeing this, Skelgozins pretended to play cards at one of the tables in order to listen in on the conversation. Hearing that the guards would search the inn, he headed back upstairs to warn the others.

Discerning their need to escape the party exit out of the window in Gharn’s room. Gharn jumped first, landing in a pile of hay that happened to have a cart underneath it, which he broke. Zan-Zan climbed down the wall and Skelgozins was caught by Gharn. After checking the coast was clear (and Gharn pretending to be a horse) they found a grating through which they could enter underground. Gharn lowered Zan-Zan through the grating with Goresmash where he encountered a man from the Thieves Guild who immediately tried to attack him. Zan-Zan dodged and the party took this man hostage, forcing him to guide them out of the city after attempting to get him to give a reward for the painting to no avail.

Walking down a corridor that headed back underneath the inn and down a staircase, they entered the sewers once again. Leading them to the exit underneath the great bridge, the man said his goodbyes and was immediately eldrich blasted by Skelgozins into the wall. Skelgozins eldrich blasted once more for good measure and the party proceeded out of the sewers. Zan-Zan decided it was a good idea to jump into the gushing river at this point, forcing the rest to follow. Skelgozins held onto Gharn for protection with his shield. Zan-Zan was over 100 feet in front and so received the first volley of arrows from the archers on the bridge. Failing at an attempt to dive underwater, 4 arrows struck him in his rear, knocking him unconscious, with his head underwater he started drowning. Seeing this Gharn protected both himself and Skelgozins with his shield and started surging towards Zan-Zan in order to save him. Reaching Zan-Zan with but mere scratches, Gharn pulls all three of them to safety on the bank of the river, outside of the range of the archers. But the shield was not so lucky and was badly damaged.

Now safe from the threat of arrows raining down on them, the party takes a quick break. During this time Gharn throws a handaxe at a squirrel, slicing it in half but getting it stuck. A lot of time was wasted retrieving it, and so, when finally it was down, a large fireball shot past. The party took this as a cue to run and started pelting through the forest (Gharn carried Zan-Zan on his back). Looking back occasionally they saw the old man who owned the shop ‘Ayyyy Seeea’ hurling spells at them. Then the type of spell changed and a blue ball of light shot towards Zan-Zan. When this hit, a bright blue light started coursing through his body and lightning burst forth, forcing Gharn to throw Ziggy to the ground. A few moments later this discharged and the party went back on their way, dodging the spells being flung at them.

Out of the forest and onto a plain the party ran. Ahead they saw a large number of rocks, with a forest on the other side. They decided to take cover there. Just before they made it to the cover they heard a snap from the left and saw a glimpse of a fiery beam of light coming towards them. Just in time, they made the cover of the rocks and the beam of light struck the rocks before them. Taking this opportunity to outrun an old man, the party sprinted for as long as they could into the forest. Feeling they were finally safe as night fell, they set up camp next to a lake and went to bed, fatigued from the tiresome few days.



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