Ziggy "Zan-Zan" Zoran

Arachne Rougue


He’s a spider guy. It’s like a centaur. But if it was a spider instead of a horse.
Thinks Pixie’s are cute
Slight Pyromaniac


Zan-Zan ran a small merchant stand with a fellow fence, Stan, in a town just by the Ayambaman jungle, along the tiney river. Being an Arachne, Ziggy didn’t usually run the store, as he would often scare off potential customers and attract unwanted attention. Instead, he would venture into the houses of the richer folk while they were out or asleep, keeping the store stocked with a hefty supply of valuable goods. Ziggy became good friends with Stan, and in time their store, now known as “Zan-Zan’s” became the go-to place for high-end appropriated goods. But after a time, he realised he was ready to finish his thieving and fencing career in pursuit of his dream of being an adventurer.

Ziggy "Zan-Zan" Zoran

Resurrection of the Hidden Yellbana