Greathorn Rhino-folk Fighter


Big Fukin Rhino Dude, permanently grumpy looking.

Doesn’t like eating amulets
Likes hitting Emperor Skelegozins
Has a soft spot for old ladies
Blocky the block is his best friend.
Goresmash the hammer baby.
Can impale snacks on armour.


Born to the warlike rhino-folk tribes of the plains, he was, as all youths of the tribe trained in combat with a multitude of weapons from an early age, bred for war and expected to join the the tribes warband as soon as he had completed the right of the horn.Gharn killed four cave spiders to complete his trial of the horn, but left the tribe without joining the warband.Gharn took a few days trek from the village to a nearby town Hurtlepool , there he found a job as a bellows boy for a blacksmith at the age of 12, it payed poorly bit suited Gharn’s lack of intelligence and skills, but abundance of strength and constitution. Over the years of working with Bjorn the human blacksmith,they had developed a reasonable friendship. Gharn worked at the bellows for a total of 6 years and he collected all of the pay, that he had not spent on living costs, in the form of some cheap and utilitarian heavy armour custom fitted for his broad torso, and a set of weapons; made by his employer. Through the blacksmith, Gharn was able to find work as a bodyguard for some of the arms merchants in the more violent parts of town, serving as a large heavily armoured deterrent more than anything else. He spent a full 2 years doing this until he got recruited by a band of mercenaries, though this resulted in little more than being hired as bandits for competitive merchants. Until Gharn heard from the more experienced mercs about the prospects of adventuring at great risk for great rewards. Over the year of his contract Gharn spent most of his time talking to Koragash, an ex adventurer half-orc who had chosen to join a petty band of mercenaries as a safe retirement, hearing of his thrilling adventures. So at the end of his contract as a mercenary, Gharn found a band of like-minded, amateur adventurers.


Resurrection of the Hidden Yellbana