Resurrection of the Hidden

Chapter 1 - Session 4

The party finishes their rest, having not been attacked, and awake lost in the woods. Gharn however, smells the excrement of a horse that he remembers roaming the wild plains near his home. The party follows Gharn’s nose which leads them to a path, down which lies an abandoned town. In this town, there are four buildings: a blacksmith, a grocer and two houses.

Inside the blacksmith, Gharn finds a block of metal which he names ‘Blocky the block’. This block of metal was half a metre squared, however, was mysteriously lighter than expected. Following this, the party investigates the grocer. All of the food is rotten however, there is a chest underneath the counter. Inside the chest was a conker, however one could not move it far from the chest and when moved to its maximum extent a loud metallic thunk could be heard. Smashing through the floor with his hammer Gharn reveals that the conker is attached to another mysterious block of metal by a magic spell.

Taking this opportunity to put his smithing skills into action, Gharn took both blocks of metal and started to warm the furnace. At this same time, Emperor Skelgozins and Zan-Zan went to check out the houses. Inside the first, they find a normally furnished interior, however, seeing that a floorboard was loose, Skelgozins finds 3 paintings of a female elf who lacked clothing. In addition to this alluring find, the two adventurers obtain 2 bandages and a 7-metre long rope.

Entering the second house these two find that it is almost empty. In the centre of the room, they see a vase on a pedestal. Approaching the vase, Zan-Zan falls through the floor, but in the process knocks over the vase, breaking is into many pieces. At the bottom, Zan-Zan finds a horrific site. The room is covered in blood and there is a ritual circle on the floor. Zan-Zan manages to climb out of the room and Emperor Skelgozins draws the symbol on some paper.

Upon returning to the blacksmith, the party witnessed the birth of a new weapon, the mighty hammer ‘Goresmash’. Being the conniving bastard that he is, Zan-Zan sets the elf paintings on fire, leaving two of them burnt and one remained. Pissed off by this Gharn threw Goresmash at Zan-Zan, who gracefully dodged out of the way causing the hammer to destroy the remaining painting. Angered by his failure Gharn smashed through a wall with his hammer while Zan-Zan set fire to the village.

Leaving the village, the party continues down the path and finally, after four days of travel, they reached their goal of the Divine City of Damor.



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