Resurrection of the Hidden

Chapter 1 - Session 3

Waking up staring at the treetops once more, Gharn, Zan-Zan and Emperor Skelgozins set off down the path towards Damor. After a few painful hours of walking (Emperor Skelgozins was spouting nonsense the entire time), the party found themselves facing a sign. On the sign was written ‘Turtlehead Town’. Attempting to stock up on supplies they enter the general goods store. It turns out that the shopkeeper had a ghoul problem.

Resolving this rewarded Zan-Zan with Studded Leather Armour of Force Resistance. Unfortunately, Gharn thinks it is a good idea to steal the shopkeeper’s moneybag following which Zan-Zan stupidly tries to sell his old armour, causing the shopkeeper to find out that his money bag had been taken. Well, let’s just say this didn’t go down too well with him and the party ended up being chased out of the village after using some creative tactics to evade the unending onslaught of arrows coming from the sky. Reaching the trees Zan-Zan throws a makeshift Molotov which lights the ground and nearby trees on fire.

After fleeing for a few hours, Emperor Skelgozins, Gharn and Zan-Zan set up camp, rotating the watch to make sure they are not attacked during the night.



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