Resurrection of the Hidden

Chapter 1 - Session 3

Waking up staring at the treetops once more, Gharn, Zan-Zan and Emperor Skelgozins set off down the path towards Damor. After a few painful hours of walking (Emperor Skelgozins was spouting nonsense the entire time), the party found themselves facing a sign. On the sign was written ‘Turtlehead Town’. Attempting to stock up on supplies they enter the general goods store. It turns out that the shopkeeper had a ghoul problem.

Resolving this rewarded Zan-Zan with Studded Leather Armour of Force Resistance. Unfortunately, Gharn thinks it is a good idea to steal the shopkeeper’s moneybag following which Zan-Zan stupidly tries to sell his old armour, causing the shopkeeper to find out that his money bag had been taken. Well, let’s just say this didn’t go down too well with him and the party ended up being chased out of the village after using some creative tactics to evade the unending onslaught of arrows coming from the sky. Reaching the trees Zan-Zan throws a makeshift Molotov which lights the ground and nearby trees on fire.

After fleeing for a few hours, Emperor Skelgozins, Gharn and Zan-Zan set up camp, rotating the watch to make sure they are not attacked during the night.

Chapter 1 - Session 2

Following a good nights sleep, the party sets off once again toward Damor. They come across a cabin just off of the path where they find an old elf lady called Iris. Emperor Skelgozins eldrich blasts one of her plant pots and so gets muted by Iris. With the riff-raff out of the way, she tells the party that her son Gundo has not returned from selling goods in Damor. Gharn being the gentle Rhino that he promises to find her son.

With the proper respects paid, the party continues down the path towards Damor (Emperor Skelgozins is unmuted after leaving) and comes across a crossroads. One path leads along the top of a cliff and the other heads towards the beach. Smoke can be seen in the distance. Seeing this smoke Gharn decides to smell the air to see what the smoke is and which direction it is coming from. Smelling meat Gharn heads down the path towards the meat which happens to head towards the beach.

After 5 minutes of walking the party is ambushed by 2 giant crabs, a Kuo-toa and a pixie. After first being dazed, Zan-Zan is turned into a giant hawk by the pixie. With his newfound strength, Zan-Zan helps the party clear up the remaining monsters. Following this encounter, the party is now more enchanted by the smell of meat and continue towards the smoke.

Upon finding the source of the meat the party discovers that it has all been eaten by its owner, the orc Grodog. Grodog is selling items from his grandmother’s house as she has recently passed. Gharn buys a set of Adamantine Armour and Zan-Zan stole the money back from Grodog once he fell asleep. Following this dastardly action, the party settled down for the night.

Chapter 1 - Session 1

Travelling through the Towe Woods the party of Gharn and Skelgozins are ambushed by two bandits. Gharn started the battle by ramming one of the bandits straight through with his great horn. Skelgozins proved himself useless in battle missing all of his eldritch blasts. Coming to his rescue Ziggy “Zan-Zan” Zoran took off the ear of the remaining bandit drawing its attention giving Skelgozins a brief respite. Gharn continued to utterly demolish all the enemies standing in his path in addition to Skelgozins finishing off the last bandit with an eldritch blast. Searching the dead bandits the party discovers a green medallion of which no significance is found. The party heads to a nearby tavern where they find out more about Zan-Zan and are told a story by a drunk Dwarf. Skelgozins asks for a room at the tavern while Gharn and Zan-Zan sleep in the stable in exchange for mucking it out.

The next day the party travels on to Brystwe to buy som supplies. Seeing smoke on the way there the party hurries there where Maysm the village butcher says that it is only a minor fire in the bakery and that there was no trouble. However, the key to their new storehouse had been taken by bandits who come at night to steal supplies. After Zan-Zan had left to help put out the fire, Gharn charges the door numerous times while Skelgozins attempts to pick the lock; both to no avail. Seeing that this was a futile task Skelgozins went to the town hall to persuade the people to fight. At around the same time as Zan-Zan returns from putting out the fire, the bandits attack. Thankfully Skelgozins succeeds in persuading the village folk to fight and starts heading towards the storehouse. Gharn being the fighter he is, decapitates a bandit straight away with his warhammer. Approaching the scene, Skelgozins sees a bandit sneaking up behind Zan-Zan and attempts to warn him, however, his efforts are in vain as he is outside earshot. Channelling his innate luck Zan-Zan manages to dodge the sneak attack and drops from the roof of the building to hide behind the shield of Gharn. Arriving at the storehouse the village people see the black bear and Skelgozins missing a spell and decide to make a run for it. The Rhinofolk, Arachne and Dragonborn proceed to dispose of the black bear and remaining bandit to obtain the key.

Taking this opportunity to stock up on supplies without the townsfolk noticing, the party enters the storehouse and steals anything worth taking. Proclaiming to the villagers back at the town hall that they had taken their reward, after making a dramatic entrance, of course, Skelgozins gets scuttled out. As penance for this, with some resistance from the rest of the party, Skelgozins burns down the storehouse. Leaving Brystwe behind knowing they may never be able to return, the party sets up camp in the Towe Woods sleeping in preparation for another day travelling to Damor.


Seeking to form a party with fellow adventurers Gharn and Emperor Skelgozins met in an inn just outside Jeney Keep. Adventuring as a pair in the surrounding area they fought monsters and explored caverns but quickly bored of such simple tasks despite almost dying on a few occasions. These two decided to travel to The Divine City of Damor in order to find more members for their party and harder quests to complete.


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