Resurrection of the Hidden

Chapter 1 - Session 2

Following a good nights sleep, the party sets off once again toward Damor. They come across a cabin just off of the path where they find an old elf lady called Iris. Emperor Skelgozins eldrich blasts one of her plant pots and so gets muted by Iris. With the riff-raff out of the way, she tells the party that her son Gundo has not returned from selling goods in Damor. Gharn being the gentle Rhino that he promises to find her son.

With the proper respects paid, the party continues down the path towards Damor (Emperor Skelgozins is unmuted after leaving) and comes across a crossroads. One path leads along the top of a cliff and the other heads towards the beach. Smoke can be seen in the distance. Seeing this smoke Gharn decides to smell the air to see what the smoke is and which direction it is coming from. Smelling meat Gharn heads down the path towards the meat which happens to head towards the beach.

After 5 minutes of walking the party is ambushed by 2 giant crabs, a Kuo-toa and a pixie. After first being dazed, Zan-Zan is turned into a giant hawk by the pixie. With his newfound strength, Zan-Zan helps the party clear up the remaining monsters. Following this encounter, the party is now more enchanted by the smell of meat and continue towards the smoke.

Upon finding the source of the meat the party discovers that it has all been eaten by its owner, the orc Grodog. Grodog is selling items from his grandmother’s house as she has recently passed. Gharn buys a set of Adamantine Armour and Zan-Zan stole the money back from Grodog once he fell asleep. Following this dastardly action, the party settled down for the night.



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